Public Space One is an artist-run, nonprofit arts organization that aims to:
• provide an independent, innovative, diverse, and inclusive space for making and presenting art
• provide cultural educational opportunities, and
• advocate for the importance of art in everyday life for any and everyone.


We are located at 120 N. Dubuque St. in the lower level of the Wesley building in Iowa City.

Our space is available to the community for public events such as screenings, readings, community meals, workshops, performances, and most especially, your crazy project/idea. We have community and institutional rates and remain committed to working with groups and individuals who need affordable space for one-time or ongoing events. Our PA system, digital projector, and kitchen are also available for use in association with scheduled events. PS1 remains dedicated to being an all-ages and substance-free venue.

Get involved with Public Space One by showing up to open hours, events, or meetings or contacting us via phone or email. We are open for a weekly “community work time” on Sundays from 1-3pm.

Our board of directors is: Jeremy Chen, Lauren Evans, Emily Jalinsky, Sayuri Sasaki Hemann, Matt Steele, Isabel Barbuzza, Hannah Givler, and Anthony Manning. Board meetings are monthly and are open to the public.

How do I find out what’s going on at PS1?
Our email newsletter (sign-up on our home page) or our Facebook page or our calendar. These cover pretty much everything that’s going on.

Why are you in a church basement?
We actually aren’t. The Wesley Center is our kindred landlord. They are affiliated with the Methodist Church (and some church groups hold services here), but it is a campus ministries building open to many different communities.  But, hey, c'mon perhaps we ARE an art church.

What are your hours?
Often, but vary week to week. Except for Sunday afternoons, when you will almost always find us here from 1-3pm. The IC Press Co-op, our community print/book studio, is open Thursdays 4-8pm. and Saturdays 12-4pm.

How do I get involved?
Show up to an event, meeting, or open hours or contact us (see below). We go out of our way to be available!

gallery team & residency :: gallery [at] publicspaceone [dot] com
music :: performance [at] publicspaceone [dot] com
printshop :: icpresscoop [at] publicspaceone [dot] com
studios, kitchen, & space rental :: psz [at] publicspaceone [dot] com
collaborative work group :: https://groups.google.com/d/forum/ps1projects
volunteer listserv :: https://groups.google.com/d/forum/ps1volunteers

general info :: info [at] publicspaceone [dot] com or call John E (Director) :: 319.855.1985


PS1 Sustaining Members (join us here!)

Community Partners

Little Village Magazine

Little Village Magazine

Our programs have been supported by grants from: