David V. Hernandez

Custom Drawing
A commissioned drawing (content determined in conversation between David and the winning bidder) created in 25-minute intervals over the course of 14 days (minimum 350 minutes total).

The winning bidder will receive the drawing in the mail the week after it is completed.


Having been exposed to the block prints of Jose Guadalupe Posada at an early age. David Hernandez enjoyed the highly intricate hatching of each print, and implements an homage to that style in his illustrations.

     Most pieces begin with interesting anecdotes mentioned in passing, or the imagining of a misheard lyric in a song. Ideas are chosen if, at the very least, they are funny and bounce around the head for a bit. Once the concept is there, the search for the right images to collage begins. A grid is often used to match the sizes of the original images and render them with detail. Each piece is then drawn as the canvas is rotated every minute or so, contributing to extreme precision in the rendered image. The piece is completed using Micron pens and an intricate hatch pattern repeated throughout the piece.  

David attended the University of Iowa, graduating in 2009 with a BA in Studio Art. He also received his certification in Art Education. His work is on permanent display at the University of Iowa Main Library, part of the University of Iowa Libraries Art Installation. David was also a resident artist in the Public Space One Summer 2012 Art Residency.

His work is highly influenced by cartoons, music, and T.V. shows his mom had on when he was a child.

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