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Alexandria Eregbu


Alexandria Eregbu was born on July of 1991 to her two parents: Obinna, a retired athlete from Nigeria and Ericka, a fiery young woman from the West Side of Chicago. That very same year the Chicago Bulls had won their first NBA Championship, Miss Black America had been raped, Rodney King had been beaten by L.A.’s police force, and the Cold War was declared over. Alexandria’s middle name “Ijeoma” means “safe journey,” given by her father after his sister’s passing. Eregbu spent most of her childhood in the company of her younger sister, Erin and familial matriarchs— watching Disney, collecting objects, playing dress up in mom’s military uniform, and admiring dad’s athletic accomplishments. She still has an aspiration to see the world on a magic carpet.

October 24, 2016: Artist talk and open studio at PS1

October 25, 2016: Youth workshop with G! World at Coralville Public Library 

Fall 2016 CAS programming is supported by grants from the Iowa Art Council, a division of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs, and the City of Iowa City Public Art Advisory Committee. Thanks also to Little Village for their support!

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