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Spooky House Grand Opening/Gallery Walk

A mysterious immersive & interactive environment for all ages, created by Kelly Moore and the goodhumans. Join us for the grand opening, a live Spooky House experience, during the downtown Iowa City Gallery Walk!

** The Story **
This installation documents a group of ladies calling themselves the Pocket Monster Guild from the late 1800s to mid 1900s. This eccentric, mysterious, and sometimes non‐human group seeks out, studies, cares for, and sometimes captures monsters of all sorts throughout our world, and others.

** The Incident **
Apparently, there was an otherworldly creature being housed and studied in the laboratory and recently it either escaped, or was let out, by one of the members. This creature, which just happened to possess inter‐dimensional abilities, in turn created a portal to another dimension. Ever since, life in the house is becoming more strange and spooky as the potential exposure to dimensional contamination increases.

Earlier Event: October 5
Spooky House