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Ms. Bigfoot: A Fan Fiction // Jaime Raybin and R.D. King


A video installation by Jaime Raybin & R.D. King.

“Ms. Bigfoot: A Fanfiction” tells the story of of an alienated teenage monster truck who undergoes a feminist awakening through writing fan fiction. During the six-minute film, the monster truck protagonist experiences a lack of representation in both the real world and in mainstream pop culture. Using the internet as a platform, she constructs a universe with her own substantive meaning.
The film is featured on loop as the centerpiece of an installation that  references and expands the surreal world within the film. The viewer is invited to have a seat on a pastel tire and watch the film inside of a crudely drawn teenage hangout/chain restaurant.
Join the artists at the opening reception on Monday, April 30, 5-7p, which will include the release of a new monster truck art zine!