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Everybody Has a Birthday & Almost Everybody Has a Palm works by Kayle Karbowksi

exhibition opening & reception
Everybody Has a Birthday and Almost Everybody Has a Palm
works by Kayle Karbowski
(part of Downtown Iowa City Gallery Walk, art openings at 15 venues)

Our June exhibition is the manifestation of a parallel world which has experienced a major spacetime disruption. The resulting convergence of multiple realities has a profound effect on the beings who experience it; they have gained the ability to see the past, present and future all at once.

Karbowski blurs the line(s) between astronomical phenomena and her favorite pseudosciences to explore the magic of being human despite the seemingly trivial nature of our existence. Through sculpture, embroidery, moving image and sound, she asks us to reimagine how we came to be and our choice to continue onward.

“In some ways, Everybody Has a Birthday & Almost Everybody Has a Palm is a collection of origin stories. I’m sort of creating my own religion using feminism, queerness, astronomy, quantum mechanics and the pseudosciences I secretly believe in. I guess it’s not really a secret anymore. I know somewhere, there is a universe where the patriarchal laws of this world don’t apply, and if I can’t find it, I’ll just keep creating it.”

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Kayle Karbowski is an earthling, feminist, Scorpio (Aquarius moon, Taurus rising), organizer and cultural producer that was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. She received her BFA from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design in 2015 and currently lives and works in Milwaukee, WI.

Her work has been featured in exhibitions, screenings and online projects including: In The Sun, Over the Grassy Knoll at South of the Tracks (Chicago, IL), Bridge Work 01 at The Pitch Project Gallery & Artist Studios (Milwaukee, WI), and in the Video! Video! Video Festival at Comfort Station Logan Square (Chicago, IL) She was previously artist in residence at Mass Gallery in Austin, TX and has work in the collection of Scott J Hunter.

Karbowski has also been a part of multiple experimental programming projects in the Milwaukee area such as: Midwest Field Reporters, Swim Team, Creasing the Cusp and most recently, Afterschool Special.