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Drekka//Father Christmas//Maul of America//Daddy Long Legs



Daddy Long Legs - ??? tbd ???

Drekka - returning from Bloomington, Indiana to take use all to hell and back. While "haunting" and "hypnogogic" are words often used to describe experimental music and art, DREKKA unequivocally occupies and deals in those dark spaces which comprise the tenuous province of memory and dreams. Those are the real ghosts of time and sound. But just as prominent, particularly in the live setting, is a sort of confrontation; a wrestling with frenetic energy that approaches mania or ecstasy.

Father Christmas - noise/drone for the seasonally affected. Utilizing loops, tapes, scrap metal, chains, banjos, pianos, accordions, guitars, etc., Father Christmas dwells in the half-world between mournful nostalgia and foreboding anxiety - w/ a spoonful of sugar. Here to remind us all: We Are Alive At The Same Time.

Maul of America - Veteran noise jazzbo (Open Goat, The Demon Possessed) and synthesizer for hire (Sam Locke Ward et al., Miracles of God, In the Mouth of Radness, Peanut Ricky), Phil Maul’s Maul of America brings the synth and sample psycho-jazz of your wet dreams and coma nightmares to fruition. 50% OFF. No returns or exchanges. All sales FINAL.

pay what u want if u want
$$$ goes to touring band

Doors 7
Music 8
$5 plz.