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LOOKER: Guarded // Taylor Yocom + Nudes Leaked! // KT Hawbaker-Krohn

May 9-30th, 2015

Opening reception: May 9th, 6-9p

Community forum: May 9th 6-7p

Guarded // Taylor Yocom

Guarded uses portraits of college women holding their keychain self-defense items to demonstrate the physical manifestation that victim blaming and rape culture have on society.

Nudes Leaked // KT Hawkbaker-Krohn

In direct response to the leaking of celebrity female nudes online, Nudes Leaked invited anyone who identifies as a woman or off of the binary to pose for a photograph where they feel the most naked and powerful at the same time. It was up to subject's imagination and intersections to decide the final result. The idea is to display female nudity ni all of its complications, to demystify its vulnerability, and to question its constant hypersexualization. The subjects here act powerfuly, in consenting solidarity with women whose privacy is continually violated by men behind computer screens. By putting their nude bodies out in public, with all of their stories attached, the Nudes Leaded collective seeks to uproot the status quo that perpetuates the consumption of the female body.

PS1 interviews Taylor Yocom and KT Hawbaker-Krohn.