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Intro to Interactive Game Design


Tuesdays, Oct. 9, 16 + 23, 6-8pm at PS1

Wednesdays, Oct. 10, 17 + 24, 6-8pm at ICPL Digital Media Lab

Registration Deadline: last minute sign-up okay! Free Workshop!

Teens 14+ and adults

The public perception of video games is mostly limited to big budget titles about glorifying gun violence or collecting Pokemon, but this does not paint a full picture of what games are capable of. From stories about coming out to your family (Gone Home) to adventures about magical realism and crushing debt under capitalism (Kentucky Route Zero) to puzzle games about navigating tough moral choices while working for a fascist government (Papers, Please), there is a whole world of independent folks producing interesting work in the medium.

In this workshop, you'll learn about some of the cheap and free tools currently available that are making video game development accessible to people of all skill levels. Tuesday workshop sessions will largely focus on collaboratively making a ""game"" by creating audio and/or visual components through physical means and determining how the game should ""play"" as we import them into a digital scene.

Those who become more curious about the technical aspect of game creation can join optional Wednesday sessions at the Iowa City Public Library Digital Media Lab, which will focus on learning the tool the game is being created in (Scirra Construct 3). Register for the ICPL sessions here: Oct. 10 // Oct. 17 // Oct. 24

No prior knowledge of video games is required to participate!
You can sign up for one or all of the workshop sessions.

Instructor: Eric Neuhaus is a writer, game developer, and musician. Just as some people fall in love with books or movies, he has fallen for the history, craft, and communities surrounding video games. Eric spent 3 years creating games with his team Virtually Competent before deciding to take a break to pursue other creative interests, such as performing music with Derek Andes and Hubol Gordon as Good Evening Gumm, but his passion and interest in the gaming scene is still going strong.

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