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Intro to Cyanotype Printing


Sunday, March 31, 1-4pm

Registration Deadline: March 24

Teens 14+ and adults

Intro to Cyanotype Printing will be a hands-on workshop to learn the basics of cyanotype printing and create a series of original prints on fabric & paper. Invented by Sir John Herschel in 1842, cyanotypes were the first successful non-silver photographic printing process, known for their rich blue hues.

Over the course of the workshop, students will learn the basics of the entire cyanotype process. We will mix chemicals, coat various (paper and fabric) materials with the photosensitive emulsion, create “negatives” and contact print them (hopefully, outside in the sun). Experimentation, we will print with various objects, acetate drawings and transparency printouts, cut-outs, and anything else we can think up!

Students can expect to leave with a series of original cyanotype prints on paper and fabric and the skills necessary to continue exploring the medium on your own.

Instructor: John Engelbrecht is Director of Public Space ONE (PS1), an alternative arts space in Iowa City, IA. Countless local, national, and international exhibitions have happened in his tenure at PS1 along with a nearly daily program of performances, workshops, residencies and other (if succinctly-indescribable) events. He also teaches art at Mt Mercy University and Kirkwood CC. His background in photography informs an everyday art practice which looks with interest and inquiry towards the social, performative, and ephemeral using text and image.

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