June 2-3, 2017

raw, local art planned during the weekend of the Iowa Arts Fest. Hope you can join in the multitude of festivities!


Public Space One -- 120 N. Dubuque St. (Wesley Center lower level) ••• IC Press Co-op -- 120 N. Dubuque St. (at PS1, Wesley Center lower level)
••• RADinc. -- 123 E. Washington St. (the former Den space •••


Friday, June 2

5-8p → at PS1 - exhibition opening & reception
Everybody Has a Birthday and Almost Everybody Has a Palm
work by Kayle Karbowski
(part of Gallery Walk)
Karbowski blurs the line(s) between astronomical phenomena and her favorite pseudosciences to explore the magic of being human despite the seemingly trivial nature of our existence. Through sculpture, embroidery, moving image and sound, she asks us to reimagine how we came to be and our choice to continue onward.

8-11p at RADinc.
screening and apocalyptic church installation
Wastedland 2

The existential fantasy film Wastedland 2 makes its Iowa City debut amid a detritus-strewn, site-specific, immersive film installation transforming the new pop-up art space: RADinc into a three-dimensional post-apocalyptic graffiti wonderland.
Noise by Mustard-in-Law, Houzatosis, True Commando, and ChairCrusher

Saturday, June 3

11a-3p → at PS1
7th annual
Inexplicable bargains from local artists...free to look, cheap to buy!
Artists include: Virgina Visker • Vero Rose Smith • Emily Jalinsky • Jay Schleidt • Tyler Luetkehans • Isabelle Von Sturm-Day • Ariane Perret • Desiree Dahl • Ruben Lebron • Cody Pirko • Anna Haglin • Tom Buckholz • Megan Hindman • Alec Dolter • Allison Heady • Ryan Miller

4-6p → at ICPC
surrealist carving workshop
Objects and Objections with Rachel Kauff
(first of 4 sessions, advance registration required)

In the spirit of Surrealism which sought to transform images and objects in such a way that would “crack the veneer of civilized society,” in this workshop we will approach the transformation of the everyday object as a radical strategy toward creating art works and items of mischief alike. In part one of this 4-session workshop, we will view and discuss artist examples and generate ideas through drawing exercises. The second part of the workshop will focus on learning to find (and alter) form through basic carving skills, working mainly in wood and/or soap. Participants will learn to carve with basic hand tools, such as saws, rasps, and files, as well as some finishing techniques.