Mackie Garrett is 508 Press

That's right. His name is Mackie, and he's a human typesetter– among many other things. And he's been busy. In May, he went over to Ox Bow School of Art (in Saugatuck, Michigan) to attend their Paper & Book Intensive– an annual work­ing sab­bat­i­cal in the book arts, paper­mak­ing, and con­ser­va­tion. Not for the heavy-of-foot!– they're constantly moving and making– just like Mackie. Check out their Summer programs, or look into applying for next year's PBI here. Here are a few pics from this year's PBI:

More recently though, 508 Press has been working on a handful of other interesting projects. He's responsible for all of the beautiful letterpress reading posters below, made exclusively for the Nonfiction Writing Program! Look at those beauties! You can see close-ups and process shots of them on his Instagram page, and while you're there, go ahead and give that man a follow, because he is always posting awesome new stuff!

And speaking of awesome stuff, he's also working on 508 Press' very first poetry chapbook! He's a lover of poetry, obviously, and has been printing poetry broadsides already for quite some time. We're so excited to see how this new project turns out! Again, stay tuned to his Instagram for updates! Here are some of the broadsides he's printed (told you he was busy!):

And last, but certainly not least.. #selfcaredough

Oh you heard me right. It's homemade. It's smells amazing. It's relaxing. It relieves tension. It lightens your senses' load, so that you can more confidently care for yourself. It's 508 Press' own Self-Care Dough, and you know you need some. Get in touch with Mackie via Instagram (link above) to find out how you can begin squeezing, molding, and breathing yourself into a more colorful and enlightened state!


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