Featured Member: Emily Jalinsky

NAME: Emily Jalinsky



TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: I am a printmaking and mixed media artist who loves being in community with others.

YOU x YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO PS1: I got involved with PS1 immediately after moving to Iowa City about two years ago. I received the free studio residency, worked to re-open the print shop, and jumped into other art groups going on at the time. I am now on the board for Public Space One, continue to work with the Iowa City Press Co-op, and started a low-key sewing group, Sew Good Sew Fun!

THE FIRST IMPRESSION:  I found PS1's website while scoping out prospective places to live. I loved how experimental and inclusive it was. After visiting to see the space it was a major factor in our decision to move here. I am so glad we did! Being a part of PS1 is an integral role in my life, and I'm so thankful for it!

THE BEST (AND WORST!?): There are so many memorable experiences! I loved the ICPC Birthday Party. The energy was high- we were all enjoying each other, the art, the pizza, the photo booth! We also left the party decorations up for a long time in the lobby, which seemed to fit the space really well!

WHY THE LOVE!?!? I love this space because it allows artists to do what they do. I would not be able to make my work without this facility, but I also would not do what I do without the encouragement and support from this community. All the people are caring and want to experiment with each other, hear about new projects, or help problem solve new methods. We want to experience other people's art/creative expression, teach new people who want to learn, and live an artful life together!

PS1 x FUTURE: The first thing I would like to see for PS1 is a sustainable budget that can continuously provide income for our director and program director. They do so much, it's incredible! I want to make sure we are able to support them! In the future I would love to see a new space with more room for studios and shop space. Maybe even expand to have a photography area and a wood shop!

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