Featured Member: Jenny Gringer

NAME: Jenny Gringer
PROFESSION?:  Special Projects Manager for Iowa, Midwest AIDS Training + Education

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF:  My life is a crazed mix of work in public health, parenting, family, cat/dog herding, and a devotion to honing my skills/voice as an artist.  Having just received an AARP card, I'm reminded that life is short and death will offer unlimited opportunities for sleep.  Armed with this mindset, I'm actively pursuing new challenges in art and saying "YES" way too much.

YOU x YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO PS1:   I'm primarily a self-taught linocut printer who loves learning about different kinds of printing processes through classes at the ICPC. I've been involved in group exhibitions, the dumpling team, teaching the art and science of political button making, and recent fundraising projects.  I'm delighted to be involved and happy to aid in advancing the mission of PS1.

THE FIRST IMPRESSION:  My love for the Press Coop was solidified after my first class in reduction printing with Britta and Louise.  The magic of learning the power of a press and how the process works from experienced printers was such a thrill.

THE BEST (AND WORST!?):  Disappointments, for me, typically involve screen printing...struggling with slipping screens, mucked up registrations, and the sinking feeling of blowing out a screen with a power washer.  /Sigh/. I'm going to get there yet.

WHY THE LOVE!?!?  A vibrant arts center is absolutely essential, in my mind, to the Iowa City community.  It provides an opportunity for growth through instruction, opportunities to exhibit work, and an opportunity to be a part of a supportive arts community.  PS1 has provided invaluable opportunities to connect with other artists, explore new possibilities, and to try things I never would have had the courage to attempt.  It's definitively buoyed my confidence and taken me in new directions.

PS1 x FUTURE: My vision for the future of PS1 is a secure, stable home with enough financial resources to support staff without losing the cooperative, team-based, heart of the center.