Featured Member: Jeremy Chen

NAME: Jeremy Chen
PROFESSION?:  Adhesives industry

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF:  Born in the Year of the Dog and an Earth Dog I am loyal, obedient and house trained.

YOU x YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO PS1:  Currently I am on the PS1 board and a sustaining member. I believe PS1 diverse programming options are vital to the arts community in Iowa City. PS1 generates an accessible but smart and vibrant arts dialog.

THE FIRST IMPRESSION: I'm always been attracted to basements. Perhaps it is the idea of an underground or sub-altern?

THE BEST (AND WORST!?):  Too many highlights... Center for Afrofuturist Studies, Maintenance Mode, Exuberant Politics, Post Facto Future, ICPC, Cheap Art Sales, Hamburger Kitchen with Matt...

WHY THE LOVE!?!?  PS1 is artist run. It is for artists and non-artists. It is open to our entire community but the dialog, art and events range from very accessible and participatory to intellectually rigorous. We can all make PS1 what we want it to be for us. I can't think of another art space in our community where members and the community have that much agency.

PS1 x FUTURE: As a board member I'd also love to hear ideas from the people who currently activate PS1 in any way but also those who are new to PS1 and want to be involved or start something. Feel free to email me: chenjerem@gmail.com