Featured Member: Taylor Yocom

Taylor in front of her exhibition  Guarded  at PS1 in 2015

Taylor in front of her exhibition Guarded at PS1 in 2015

NAME: Taylor Yocom
 MFA Student

Q0.  TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF:  I'm a 24 year old artist living with my massive orange tabby cat named Ivan and pursuing my MFA in Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis. My work focuses on memory and my personal archive and how what we hang on to speaks to who we are. This takes the form of mixed media, photography, and installation work. My life focuses on talking about said cat too much, coffee, and creating strange inside jokes with pals.

Q1.  YOU x YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO PS1:   I moved from Iowa City once I graduated from University of Iowa in 2015, but PS1 still holds a near and dear place in my heart and I've continued to be involved. I'm a cheerleader of PS1's events with major FOMO and supporter from long distance!

Q2.  THE FIRST IMPRESSION:  I was a new art student in Iowa City and trying to find my way and get my voice out. The Works in Progress fest was going on and I had a polaroid camera. Kalmia pitched the idea of me taking shots of the events (such great events and fond memories!) and posting them on a bulletin board to be viewed during the event. This was the first time I really interacted with PS1 and I felt so welcomed and was thrilled with how fun of a community this is.

Q3.  THE BEST (AND WORST!?):  The best memory would have to be my Guarded exhibition in May 2015. PS1 was so supportive and accommodating during the entire process leading up to and during the show.  During the install, my photography series went viral. It was so wild to see so many people coming to the gallery for the opening. The support of the community was surreal---only to be topped by my parents secretly traveling to surprise me at my opening!

Q4.  WHY THE LOVE!?!?  To me, PS1 is such a supportive, validating community that leaves a void in my heart in the communities I've moved to since. To have access to such affordable printmaking resources, an artistic community, and all forms of shows and events was something Iowa City is so lucky to have.

Q5.. PS1 x FUTURE: A darkroom! Multiple galleries! More events! All my wildest dreams!

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