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The Free Studio Residency gives away a small private studio to a local artist/maker on a quarterly basis.

Vero Rose Smith is the winter 2016 Free Studio Resident

Bernadette Hornbeck //Corinne Teed // Della Nuno // Nick Kleese // Emily Jalinsky // Tom Buckholz // Christopher Willauer/Erika Narhi-Martinez // Carolyn Bergonzo // Zak Neumann // Tony Streeter // Curt Oren* // Max Johnson* // Dana Telsrow
*=free radical resident

stay tuned for details about the next Free Studio Residency deadline

Application information

»to apply«

Submit a written statement describing how would like to use the time and space. You may also include documentation of previous work or a website URL; however, the residency proposal will carry more weight than any supplementary materials. [check out our application tips below!]

Preference will be given to non-students proposing innovative, experimental, and/or interdisciplinary work that will make use of the resources specific to PS1. The proposal does not have to be one discrete project, and emphasis will not be on completion or creating “products,” but on the value of process and experimentation. Residents will be selected by a rotating group composed of PS1 volunteer staff and community representatives.

Send your application to:
or Public Space One 120 N. Dubuque St. Iowa City, IA 52245



72 sq. ft. private studio with sink, window, and wifi ·  use of PS1 community space (performance space, foyer, kitchen, garden) ·  access to IC Press Co-op equipment

»residents benefit from«
PS1 community/resources ·  feedback from PS1 gallery team ·  Sandbox page on the Little Village website to share work

open to Iowa City area artists/creators of all sorts, including those who work with: paint · paper · food · sound · light · the body · ink · cloth · words · objects · video · people · concepts · buildings · events · metal · the internet · wood · digital images · etc!

Residents are expected to ·  make significant use of their studio/the PS1 workspace ·  participate in the PS1 community ·  post in the LV Sandbox ·  present their work to the public (workshops, exhibition, installation, performance, talk, etc.)

»tips for a successful application«

  1. Be as specific as you can.  While the residency is open to individuals engaging in wide array of creative endeavors in all stages of development, the selection committee needs information to evaluate an applicant.  Address who, what, why, and how in your application. What you write is by no means binding and an artist can change direction of their work in the residency at any time. That being said, giving us clear and concrete ideas of your proposed endeavor/practice at the time of onset is very helpful.
  2. More is not more. Free-associative paragraphs and long lists are usually not a path to a successful application. Feel free to be creative with your proposal, but remember that the people reading it probably aren't familiar with your work or ideas.
  3. Consider the space.  A substantial portion of the work for your proposed project should occur IN the residency studio, which is something we've noticed that wasn't clear for some past applicants. While your 5-piece concept band/community dinner club/dance project is likely interesting to us (and feel free to propose it as a non-residency project to!), it is UNLIKELY to benefit from a 72 sq ft studio. This program is specifically focused on the studio, which we pay rent on and want to be used!
  4. Convince us that you’ll make productive use of the space/time. Before you start your application, take a careful look at your calendar and make sure you can commit to being present in Iowa City during the majority of the residency. Second, while here in IC, can you commit to substantial work in the PS1 studio?  (How will you fit this new opportunity into your life?) Third, briefly address this in your application.


Q: May more than one person apply together?
A: Pairs and groups may apply only if their proposal focuses on collaborative work. Keep in mind that the studio is small!

Q: I don’t live in the Iowa City area. Can I apply for the Free Studio Residency?
A: We expect residents to make regular use of the space and can’t currently offer housing, so this probably isn’t feasible if you don’t live near Iowa City. However, location doesn’t exclude applicants, but please explain in your application how you plan to overcome geography. Also, we hope to offer housing for one of the four residency terms per year, so stay tuned!

Q: I am a student. Can I apply for the Free Studio Residency?
A: It’s not that we don’t love students! The Free Studio Residency is designed primarily to support individuals who do not have institutional support or access to studio space and equipment. Also, students may not have time in addition to their coursework to take full advantage of the residency. However, students are not excluded from applying, but if you are a student, please explain why you qualify in your application.

Q: This FAQ didn’t answer my questions. What should I do?
A: Email us at We would love to answer your questions!