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Johnathan McFadden & David Wischer: Cybersquatting with a Honeypot

Cybersquatting With a Honey Pot is a two-person exhibition consisting of work by Jonathan McFadden and David Wischer that was first shown at The Freeport Art Museum in the Fall of 2016. It is a print and installation based exhibition that explores how imagery from social media is sensationalized and more over how we interact with content and imagery on the Internet.

Cybersquatting, also known as domain squatting, is an Internet term that refers to registering a brand or company name to reach a profit. One of the most famous examples is when pop star Madonna sued someone who cybersquatted the use of

The exhibition includes work on paper as well as a site specific installations. While the installation by Jonathan McFadden will be similar to those included in the portfolio it will be site specific to the dimensions and layout of Public Space One.

In addition to the exhibition David and Jonathan will both use social media events as a means of expanding the exhibition beyond the physical space. This has included creating Facebook Live events of the receptions, their artist talks, and day to day goings on (on the Facebook page for the space) as well as Facebook, instagram, and twitter take overs of the spaces social media.

Additional work by each artist can be viewed at: