Exhibition Opportunities


Our call for proposals for 2020 will be open in October 2019. If you have questions, want to chat, or would like to inquire about opportunities, please email us at gallery@publicspaceone.com

Our gallery is run by a open volunteer gallery team that meets bi-monthly. If you’re interested in joining the gallery team or attending a meeting, email us at gallery@publicspaceone.com

PS1’s gallery program is a venue for innovative, experimental, and challenging contemporary art embedded in a multidisciplinary, accessible, and community-driven space in Iowa City, IA. We encourage incoming artists/curators to activate the space by holding events such as screenings, artist talks, performances, or workshops. While all proposals will be seriously considered, highest priority is generally given to those that go beyond what is on the wall and fully uses the uniqueness of our space and offerings. While most exhibitions occur in our gallery space at 120 N. Dubuque St. in downtown Iowa City, we also program satellite spaces and produce public art projects, so are open to proposals that go beyond our space.
FAQ about the practicalities below….and check out some of our previous shows here.



What supplies do you provide to artists?
Because we are an almost completely volunteer-run space on a very limited budget, we are not able to cover shipping to the gallery or most materials.
We do provide: promotional exhibition postcards, reception food, basic installation supplies/tools, and white paint.
We can usually provide: b/w printing/copying (up to 11x17") in decent quantities, access to printmaking equipment and an industrial kitchen, homestay accommodations and home-cooked meals for visiting artists, local scavenging/borrowing for installation items, volunteers to assist with installation, and brainstorming towards potential funding/support resources.

tech/furniture available for gallery use:

  • pedestals of varying shapes and sizes

  • a handful of flat and slanted wall shelves

  • 40" flat-screen monitor with USB and A/V inputs (smart TV)

  • 16" flat-screen monitor with A/V inputs

  • digital projector

  • DVD player

  • small portable speaker set

  • scrolling LED display

  • random assortment of furniture

Can I sell my work in the gallery?
We are a non-commercial gallery and therefore do not focus on making art sales or showing "sellable" work. However, you are welcome to price your work. If work sells, we ask for a donation of 20% of the sale price. We are also happy to host projects that engage with economies beyond the traditional gallery model.

Can I propose time-based and/or participatory work?
Yes!! We encourage artists to propose performances, screenings, happenings, workshops, etc. either as their project or in conjunction with a gallery exhibition.

More questions?
We’re happy to chat. Email us at gallery@publicspaceone.com!