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The Blue Turn: poetry & music

a night of poetry, music, woes, and treasure!


Kamden Hilliard
Jennifer MacBain-stephens (w/ special guest Chris Eck)
Rebecca Hanssens-Reed
Mike Young (on tour from Santa Fe, NM)

from Mike:

I am calling this tour “The Blue Turn,” and the premise is a little bit weirder than a normal tour.

First, I live in Santa Fe, NM, where there is a thing called Zozobra, which is a giant puppet people stuff full of their woes and then burn. I won’t have any burning, but basically I am going to be in a blue car, and I am going to have a giant box of woes, and if you take a woe out, you can put a woe in.

Second, I will be bringing treasures. Like:

*** Magic Helicopter Press books
*** NOÖ Journal
*** An anthology of writing from people who have read at my house series in Santa Fe
*** Biscochitos (a delicious New Mexico cookie)

But the thing I am really excited about is I also plan to have a treasure chest for trading: people will be able to put in a lucky charm or a book or CD or zine of theirs and take out something that someone else has put in.

So people in one city might trade for the books/music/art/charms of people from somewhere else. And a sweet circulation will happen across this puffed land.