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Futile: an exploration of border objects, land-use and absurdity


an exhibition by Abbey Blake
open Mar. 1-30
opening reception Friday March 1, 5-7:30pm

from the artist:
“Definitions of futile:

  1. Incapable of producing any useful result; pointless.

  2. Occupied with trifles: FRIVOLOUS

Futile is an exhibition of objects and structures that re-contextualize border objects and their power. This exhibition is not an overt liberal or activist stance on parties, policy or government. It is a humanitarian approach and manifestation of a future that chooses love and togetherness over ‘otherness’ and separation. Through absurdity, color and form I am promoting hope above hate as well as humor above fervor.

My research surrounding the United States borders began in 2017. I traveled along the US/Mexico Border and the US/Canada border to discover that I didn’t need to leave my front step to find the lines that separate us. As a society we construct borders and separations from others daily. We build walls, we construct fences and we install locks on our cars and houses. We perpetually live in a state of fear of others. This fear is a loss of trust that begins within our own communities and contributes to our society as a whole.  

My hope for Futile is to project our common interests of goodness and togetherness in the greater Iowa City community, regardless of conflicting views. My motives are to question our futile separations from one another and our arbitrary acts and constructions of power, value and otherness. I would like to contribute to the foundations that build up communities and diverse understanding rather than construct the barriers that keep us apart. "