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The Mirror/The Reaping


The Reaping 4.6 (2020) is a new installation made for the gallery/museum space by Christopher-Rasheem McMillan. This work will use formality, abstraction, and chance procedures as a conduit in which to explore and interrogate white supremacy. The installation’s scenography will be sourced from interviews with a white supremacist, viral videos of college fraternities chanting racist epithets and common stereotypes of people of color. This work will use gesture story and movement to make both blackness and white supremacy visible through the use of radical juxtaposition.

Projected viral videos of racist fraternity chants and white supremacist riots will frame the space and movement sequencing. Formal choreography and slippages of Africanist movement will create a mirror of whiteness, which is composed of the next generation and the viral videos.

Space is limited — purchase a festival pass at the Witching Hour website.