Sept 9 - Oct. 1: Bluestockings Group Exhibition
reception: Sept. 23, 4:30-6:30pm
artists: Lisa Anthony, Brooke Dearborn, Meggan Fisher, Christine Flavin, Christiana Hovick, Satomi Kawai, Tonya Kehoe, Kelly Kinser, Sam Mitchell, Jillian Moore, Amber Ruden, Vero Smith, Molly Sofranko, Heidi Wiren Bartlett

For our inaugural exhibition, members of Bluestockings were asked to contextualize their work in response to the feminine. This could be interpreted as broadly as the artists desired, keeping in mind the goal to make art that challenges the traditional patriarchal nature of the art world and celebrates women, feminine strength, and feminist objectives.

Bluestockings, a feminist art collective, was founded by women in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area operating professional art/craft/creative practices with the desire to band together, talk shop, have critiques, share business tips, and support each other while raising awareness of the awesome community of art ladies that make this a cool place to live. Bluestockings also recognizes that the same societal gender oppression that impacts women is even more restrictive to the lives and creative freedoms of people of marginalized gender identities. We feel that together we can be most effective against the patriarchal oppression that marginalizes all of our contributions to the community, as artists, and as awesome humans. Membership is open to both cis gendered and trans gendered women, trans gendered men, and non-binary people.



Krista Franklin, Do Androids Dream of How People Are Sheep?

Krista Franklin, Do Androids Dream of How People Are Sheep?

Center for Afrofuturist Studies artist-in-residence: Krista Franklin
Thursday, Sept. 22, 6pm: works-in-progress artist's talk
Tuesday, Sept. 27, 6-8pm: exhibition reception: " take root among the stars."

"My work emerges at the intersection of poetics, popular culture, and the dynamic histories of the African Diaspora. The Fantastic, the surreal, mythmaking, black portraiture, and the collective conscious are conceptual preoccupations of my work. The forms take shape in collage, hand papermaking, installation, poetry, letterpress, altered bookmaking and performance. I appropriate image and text as a political gesture that chisels away at the narratives historically inscribed on women and people of color, and forges imaginative spaces for radical possibilities and visions.

Black ritual, the metaphysical and the black nostalgic are core concerns in my art practice. I orchestrate the collision of past, present and future, and mine historical and fictional memory for artistic content. Artist books inspired by the novels of science fiction author Octavia E. Butler, altered books in aquariums, and handmade paper formed with mixed media are a few examples of my artistic output. I drag racialized and gendered past(s) into my work in order to reframe and realign the dynamic psychological and physical experiences of the African Diaspora in the 21st Century." - Krista Franklin




Oct. 7-22: Mindful Artists Collective

Carlos Maldonado, Narciso's Owl

Carlos Maldonado, Narciso's Owl

Opening reception: Friday, Oct. 7, 5-8pm (Iowa City Gallery Walk!)

Mindful Artist Collective is a group of multi-disciplinary, visual artists who will transform the gallery at PS1 through a showcase of artwork from the individual artists of the collective in tandem with their collaborative work and installation.

Artists included in the exhibition are: Taylor Ross, Carlos Maldonado, Kenny Morgan, Narciso Elizalde, and John Quinn Petsel.

PS1's annual art auction
There are frames, doors, windows, openings, holes. We are entering and exiting all the time, trying to reach that physical, mental, social, spiritual, elemental place just beyond. We stick our hands in the dirt, our eyes in the 4000K, and yes, at least one of us was there as witness when Jason Boschetti performed Birth of a Foal by squeezing his body through the neck hole of his sweater. These portals, oh all these portals. We have an inkling there may be something wrong with them all.


Center for Afrofuturist Studies artists-in-residence:


October: Alexandria Eregbu
November: Devin Cain
December 1-7: Terrence Nance




We have hosted more than 100 individual and group exhibitions since 2009 with a non-commercial, installation-based mentality. We have a gallery team who meets regularly to plan art shows and programs. We aim to be a venue for innovative, experimental, and challenging contemporary art, often favoring the process over a packaged presentation.

The gallery team is open to anyone who is interested and willing to commit to participation in this group process. Email to find out when the next meeting is (we usually meet every two weeks).

We openly accept proposals for exhibitions, workshops, and art happenings. If you have an idea, we welcome written proposals, digital images or web links, or joining us at a meeting. We are especially interested in helping others develop and lead workshops and participatory projects. There is no formula for application, only interest in utilizing the space, engaging with the community, and making the most of your time here.



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