February 4-23
Two Brothers
Bea Drysdale

Two monumental minimalist sculptures to resolve the rectangular space of the hall and to recognize the subjectivity of two moveable gallery walls.

Closing reception Friday 23rd February 6 to 8 pm








    March 2-25

At the Intersection of Art + Science: Iowa Lakeside Lab Artist-in-Residence Program Alumni Group Show  

opening reception: Fri. March 2, 5-8pm (gallery walk!)
closing reception & performance: Sun. March 25, 3-5pm

Artists and scientists are both asking questions about the world, they’re just doing it in different ways. This is the driving approach to the Artist-in-Residence (AIR) program at the Iowa Lakeside Lab. Iowa Lakeside Lab is a biological field research station located on West Okoboji Lake in the northwest corner of Iowa. The Lakeside Lab AIR program accepts artists from all around the country working in any and all media to reside on the Lab’s campus, interact with scientific community, make work connected to the environment, and facilitate connections between the arts and the sciences. This exhibition represents work made by AIR alumni since 2014.

Exhibiting artists: Eric 'Oz' Andren, Mary Claire Becker, Amanda Breitbach, Paul Crow, Scott Dickson, Cathleen Faubert, Rachel Kauff, Quin Kennedy, Mark Koven, Kelsey Reckling, Brian Schorn, Corey Smith, Benny Melton, Joseph Mougel, Lisa Gordillo, and Alex Braidwood



Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 10.46.28 AM.png

April 12 & 19, 7pm
A study of the masters
M. Ryan Noble

M Ryan is a contemporary artist and trained mental health worker.  His historical research suggests parallel developments in the course of art history and US social structures.

"A study of the masters," is a series of paintings that overlaps masters of Classical and Modern art traditions with figures of US Empire. Presented at PS1 as a two-part event, the first artist talk is a discussion of paintings that address Republican administrations (April 12th). The second talk will address the policies of Democratic presidents (April 19th).



Gallery FAQs and Logistics

The image below shows our gallery/performance space layout. The performance space may be used for one-time events associated with the gallery, but will also host improv, theater, music, readings, screenings, etc. by various Iowa City groups throughout the course of each exhibition. You can see documentation of some previous exhibitions here.

What supplies do you provide to artists?
Because we are an almost completely volunteer-run space on a very limited budget, we are not able to cover shipping to the gallery or most materials.
We do provide: promotional exhibition postcards, reception food, basic installation supplies/tools, and white paint.
We can usually provide: b/w printing/copying (up to 11x17") in decent quantities, access to printmaking equipment and an industrial kitchen, homestay accommodations and home-cooked meals for visiting artists, and local scavenging/borrowing for installation items.

tech/furniture available for gallery use:
8 pedestals of varying shapes and sizes
a handful of flat and slanted wall shelves
40" flat-screen monitor with USB and A/V inputs (smart TV)
16" flat-screen monitor with A/V inputs
digital projector
DVD player
small portable speaker set
scrolling LED display
random assortment of furniture

Can I sell my work in the gallery?
We are a non-commercial gallery and therefore do not focus on making art sales or showing "sellable" work. However, you are welcome to price your work. If work sells, we ask for a donation of 20% of the sale price. We are also happy to host projects that engage with economies beyond the traditional gallery model.

Can I propose time-based and/or participatory work?
Yes!! We encourage artists to propose performances, screenings, happenings, workshops, etc. either as their project or in conjunction with a gallery exhibition.

More questions?
Email us at!