Feb. 3-25 -- Intersection/Space by Hazel Batrezchavez and Serena Hocharoen

"The work we have made for Intersection/Space comes as a result of not only the combination of our different materials and processes, but also an exploration into our similar experiences as women of color integrating and navigating our bodies in the spaces that we occupy. We have taken advantage of the tension between the contrasting materials of delicate handmade paper and metal, and have created a new artistic territory for ourselves. The exhibition includes pieces such as a large metal and paper installation, a small artist book about taking up space, and several smaller sculptures that incorporate casts of arms and legs."

Hazel Batrezchavez

My art practice explores themes of time, space, and skin through material and metal-structures. These themes emerged during my time at Grinnell College, as I pursued my interests in attending and organizing events that brought awareness to oppressive ideologies and how they can work to police and marginalize certain bodies of color. My involvement in these events forced me to revisit my painfully raw experiences of trying to fit into the private institutional world. While at the same time these experiences functioned as the driving force behind decisions made about material, texture and size, as I work with large-scale metal sculptures.

Serena Hocharoen

Much like Hazel, upon moving to Grinnell College, I was exposed to people and ideas that changed my worldview, like feminism and various other social justice issues. Through these lens, I have constantly been learning and rethinking about my experiences navigating spaces as a growing woman of color. In my work I use handmade paper in conjunction with drawings and print media, to make visible this learning process, searching for a sense of place and belonging. My work in this show reflects on feelings such as shame, guilt, and smallness, that are associated with the forming and unforming of identity for marginalized bodies.


March 3-25 -- Scrap Happy Panels -- Pena Lynn Lubrica & Dave Dugan

opening reception/gallery walk: Friday, March 3, 5-8pm

Pena Lynn Lubrica makes new clothing from thrift shop dress shirts and kimonos, and then uses the scraps to make quilts and fabric collages. Dave Dugan draws cartoons on paper he makes out of paper scraps: junk mail, old phone bills, etc, and the fabric scraps too small for Pena Lynn's projects.

Pena Lynn Lubrica & Dave Dugan live in Iowa City.





June -- Everybody Has a Birthday & Almost Everybody Has a Palm - Kayle Karbowski

Kayle Karbowski is an earthling, feminist, Scorpio (Aquarius moon, Taurus rising), organizer and cultural producer that was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. She received her BFA from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design in 2015 and currently lives and works in Milwaukee, WI.
Her work has been featured in exhibitions, screenings and online projects including: In The Sun, Over the Grassy Knoll at South of the Tracks (Chicago, IL), Bridge Work 01 at The Pitch Project Platform Space (Milwaukee, WI), and in the Video! Video! Video Festival at Comfort Station Logan Square (Chicago, IL) She was previously artist in residence at Mass Gallery in Austin, TX and has work in the collection of Scott J Hunter.
Karbowski has also been a part of multiple experimental programming projects in the Milwaukee area such as: Midwest Field Reporters, Swim Team, Creasing the Cusp and most recently, After School Special.












Gallery FAQs and Logistics

The image below shows our gallery/performance space layout. The performance space may be used for one-time events associated with the gallery, but will also host improv, theater, music, readings, screenings, etc. by various Iowa City groups throughout the course of each exhibition. You can see documentation of some previous exhibitions here.

What supplies do you provide to artists?
Because we are an almost completely volunteer-run space on a very limited budget, we are not able to cover shipping to the gallery or most materials.
We do provide: promotional exhibition postcards, reception food, basic installation supplies/tools, and white paint.
We can usually provide: b/w printing/copying (up to 11x17") in decent quantities, access to printmaking equipment and an industrial kitchen, homestay accommodations and home-cooked meals for visiting artists, and local scavenging/borrowing for installation items.

tech/furniture available for gallery use:
8 pedestals of varying shapes and sizes
a handful of flat and slanted wall shelves
40" flat-screen monitor with USB and A/V inputs (smart TV)
16" flat-screen monitor with A/V inputs
DVD player
small portable speaker set
scrolling LED display
random assortment of furniture

Can I sell my work in the gallery?
We are a non-commercial gallery and therefore do not focus on making art sales or showing "sellable" work. However, you are welcome to price your work. If work sells, we ask for a donation of 20% of the sale price. We are also happy to host projects that engage with economies beyond the traditional gallery model.

Can I propose time-based and/or participatory work?
Yes!! We encourage artists to propose performances, screenings, happenings, workshops, etc. either as their project or in conjunction with a gallery exhibition.

More questions?
Email us at!