the annual INTERMEDIA takeover!



PS1's annual art auction
Sat. Nov. 12, 6-8pm: Reception, performances, food + final bids!
There are frames, doors, windows, openings, holes. We are entering and exiting all the time, trying to reach that physical, mental, social, spiritual, elemental place just beyond. We stick our hands in the dirt, our eyes in the 4000K, and yes, at least one of us was there as witness when Jason Boschetti performed Birth of a Foal by squeezing his body through the neck hole of his sweater. These portals, oh all these portals. We have an inkling there may be something wrong with them all.

Work by... Jay Schleidt, Elizabeth Munger, Breanne Trammell, Amber Morris, Susan White, Gyan Shrosbree, Jen P. Harris, David Herwaldt, Rachel Buse, Stephanie Brunia, Andrew Casto, Jan Duschen, Jenny Gringer, Jackson Allen, Christine Flavin, Anita Jung, Kembrew McLeod, Rachel Kauff, Jessica Pleyel, Joe Lacina, Nicole Shaver, Robby Scott, Steve Evans, Heidi Wiren Bartlett, Michelle Edwards, Sarah Prineas, Jillian Moore, Jarrett Mitchell, Alexandra Janezic, Mary F. Coats, Rachel Poe, Patrick Casey, Hunter Creel, Julia Franklin, Alexandra Ackerman, Corinne Teed, Mei-ling Shaw, Codi Josephson, Allison Rosh, Amber O'Harrow, Emily Martin, Sayuri Sasaki Hemann, Emily Jalinsky, Kalmia Strong, Hannah Givler, Tyler Luetkehans, Bea Drysdale, Jeremy Chen, & Lauren Frances Evans
...will be available for bidding, with proceeds going to support PS1's programming and the artists!





Public Space One is now taking proposals from artists and curators for solo and group exhibitions and art events to take place January-June 2017 in our gallery space at 120 N. Dubuque St. in downtown Iowa City.

PS1 is a venue for innovative, experimental, and challenging contemporary art. We encourage artists to use the space for the duration of their exhibition by holding events such as screenings, artist talks, performances, or workshops. While all proposals will be seriously considered, highest priority is generally given to artists whose work goes beyond what is on the wall -- that has a strong conceptual framework, experiments with ideas, materials, media, or contexts, is socially-engaged, and/or makes great use of our unique space.

We typically program exhibitions that last 3-4 weeks, though we are also interested in one-time events or shorter-term exhibitions. Please include any scheduling limitations as an addendum to your proposal.

Send us a proposal describing your work and/or idea and explaining how you imagine it working in (or from out of) our space. We welcome written proposals, digital images, or web links that explain or demonstrate your exhibition/event concept. There is no formula for application; however a strong written description (if for work yet to be made) and/or a thorough group of images (if work already exists) is very helpful! Please email inquiries or your proposal to:

Deadline: Sun. Nov. 13 at midnight

Check out gallery details + FAQ here!




We have hosted more than 100 individual and group exhibitions since 2009 with a non-commercial, installation-based mentality. We have a gallery team who meets regularly to plan art shows and programs. We aim to be a venue for innovative, experimental, and challenging contemporary art, often favoring the process over a packaged presentation.

The gallery team is open to anyone who is interested and willing to commit to participation in this group process. Email to find out when the next meeting is (we usually meet every two weeks).

We openly accept proposals for exhibitions, workshops, and art happenings. If you have an idea, we welcome written proposals, digital images or web links, or joining us at a meeting. We are especially interested in helping others develop and lead workshops and participatory projects. There is no formula for application, only interest in utilizing the space, engaging with the community, and making the most of your time here.



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