May 14-28, 2016

The Search for the Familiar: Portraits by Allen TenBusschen
“The patterns that you find throughout my work are a reminder of our varied but similar structure. The subtle differences can, in time, create such vast expanses between individuals that it becomes hard to see their similarities. My work positions these variations next to each other in order to invite the connection. Our differences only subtly mask the commonality between us. I want to connect seemingly unconnected people through my work. I think a portrait is not just a likeness of someone, but a small glimpse of how related humanity truly is.” -Allen TenBusschen


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...not without breaking it...

A collaborative installation of music and visual art from Joshua Marquez (composer) and Dana O’Malley (visual artist) which investigates our perceptions and relationship to global climate change, in particular, the retreat of Earth's glaciers.  A combination of ice shattering, snow crunching, and glass breaking create the soundscape.  A landscape is built from an amalgamation of broken parts, preserved in uncertainty.

GRIT Collaborative, based in Iowa City, IA and Wilmington, NC, is an interdisciplinary arts nonprofit that connects artists, from different disciplines, with each other and their communities.



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Distance Learning - Josh Johnson

Distance Learning - Josh Johnson

June 1, 2016 - Kameelah Janan Rasheed (Center for Afrofuturist Studies) - pop-up exhibition and artist's talk (6pm)
Kameelah Janan Rasheed is artist-archivist based in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from East Palo Alto, CA with brief stints in Johannesburg, South Africa, Kameelah is interested in historiography, language (and the constructions thereof), as well as technologies of self-publishing and non-institutional archiving.

June 2016
Distance Learning -- Josh Johnson

Sculptor Josh Johnson makes connections between two environments -- one at hand, and the other remembered. Distance Learning offers a sideways glance of Plains landscape and the creation of Mount Rushmore, softening the edges between the physicality of what is materially accessible and the limited view offered by the mind’s eye. Drawing upon the rock formations of the South Dakota Badlands and their fabricated proxies dotting Lincoln’s Antelope Creek greenway, Johnson carves, fabricates, and joins second-hand materials into lonely vistas alluding to the slippages associated with memory’s shaky hold on place.



We have hosted more than 100 individual and group exhibitions since 2009 with a non-commercial, installation-based mentality. We have a gallery team who meets regularly to plan art shows and programs. We aim to be a venue for innovative, experimental, and challenging contemporary art, often favoring the process over a packaged presentation.

The gallery team is open to anyone who is interested and willing to commit to participation in this group process. Email to find out when the next meeting is (we usually meet every two weeks).

We openly accept proposals for exhibitions, workshops, and art happenings. If you have an idea, we welcome written proposals, digital images or web links, or joining us at a meeting. We are especially interested in helping others develop and lead workshops and participatory projects. There is no formula for application, only interest in utilizing the space, engaging with the community, and making the most of your time here.



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