Aug. 2-28 : Standing Wave - Justus Roe

(a vibration of a system in which some particular points remain fixed while others between them vibrate with the maximum amplitude.)  

Experiments of translating large-scale painting to sculpture in collaboration with Fatherless print collective.

closing reception: Sat. Aug. 27, 4-7pm




Sept. 3-6: Manifest(ation) pro/con DADA
Romanian writers and visual artists: Anca Bucur, Cristina Florentina Budar, $tefan Buzea, Iulia Militaru, Sergiu Nisioi, & Andra Rotaru

Sat. Sept. 3, 6-8pm: exhibition reception (at PS1)
Tues. Sept. 6, 6pm: performance (at PS1)
Wed. Sept. 7, 4pm: roundtable at Shambaugh House (430 N. Clinton)

Three installations: “The Path. Filling-in Abstract Forms: Overwriting Barnett Newman,” “The Glimpse,” and “parsing [i]dentity. towards a nomadic recon[figuration],” and two sound installations, which reflect on the importance of non-creative art and ec(h)ology in artistic creation. The exhibition raises questions about how “non-creative art” can be retrieved as art, and whether this type of art is exhausted by the paradox of being a copy of modernity, reproduced and determined by the “reproduction of the cliché” of originality.

Sept 9 - Oct. 1: Bluestockings Collective

Oct. 7-22: Mindful Artists Collective


Center for Afrofuturist Studies artists-in-residence:
September - Krista Franklin
October - Alexandria Eregbu
November - Devin Cain



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