ICPC Cookbook

Wire-bound cookbook digitally-printed in full color : $20  Hand-printed portfolio : $350

Wire-bound cookbook digitally-printed in full color: $20
Hand-printed portfolio: $350

All proceeds from the Cookbook go to our scholarship fund, which makes our workshops accessible to participants of all incomes.

table of contents:

Violet Austerlitz // Femslash Chicken Awakenings
C.R. Cooper // Pasta Salad 4 the Apathetic Potlucker
Desiree Dahl // Dandelion Foodballs
Dave Dugan // Coconut Milk Cornbread
John Engelbrecht // GOOD PANCAKES
Louise Fisher & Kyle Laws // Shakshuka
L. Garcia George // Recipe for Remembrance
Jenny Gringer // Grandma Gringer's Implausible Tot Recipe
Allison Heady // With Confidence and Hope Through All Crises
Sayuri Sasaki Hemann // Recipe for a Juicy Tomorrow
Emily Jalinsky // Recipe for a Depression Spiral
Alexandra Janezic // Height
Liz Munger // 3 variations of toast & eggs
Kristen Necessary // Diplomacy
Kalmia Strong // Fire Cider
Isabelle Von Sturm // Possibility Pesto