A storefront cumulative exhibition and art action space to speculate on and question the future, with the goal of connecting artists, resources, and the community at large to learn, reflect, and energize for local creative action in response to the current political and social climate.

Events/projects included: Near News video, Nasty Women in Iowa exhibition, Print Organize Protest, Fight Back! benefit concert, Valentines for Politicians with Bluestockings Feminist Art Collective, Under the Circumstances: Capital and Cultural Production symposium, a printed matter resource library, and artwork by Jen P. Harris, Industrial Glitter, Sophie Isaak, Patrick Casey, Vero Rose Smith, Matthew Steele, Summer Ventis, and Rachel Kauff.

curated by Hannah Givler, John Engelbrecht, and Kalmia Strong

Near News videos and more documentation at https://nearfuture.tumblr.com/