photo by Jav Ducker for  Little Village

photo by Jav Ducker for Little Village

PATV is becoming part of PS1 as of Oct. 1, 2019.

The current PATV Channel 18 public access station will discontinue operations for broadcasting local programming, and instead focus on offering public access to digital video, audio (podcasts), and web creation enabled through the current PATV studio and technology resources. The organization intends to carry forward the legacy PATV mission of providing affordable public access to the local Johnson County community for production and broadcast of customized, digital content. Rather than the traditional form of cable broadcast, this digital content will still be produced locally and available for broadcast through live streaming, social media and web channels.

Current operations at Public Access Television – Channel 18 will be suspended this fall and a transition period is planned to redesign the facilities, business practices, and operating guidelines for the program. More details will be released soon about short-term hours of operation for current PATV members and the timing for the new organization and launch plan.

Read the press release here, and local coverage at Little Village and the Press-Citizen

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