SOUP was a monthly(ish) micro-grant meal running from 2009-2013 and Inspired by Incubate Chicago's Sunday Soup project.

We all struggle to find the money to fund our projects – the frames, the travel expenses, the 2,000 pounds of clay.  We also all have small excess incomes – the daily coffee, the small change at the end of the day, the dinner out.  By combining these small excesses, we can fund projects that need more than that small excess.

Every month we come together to eat, fund an exciting project, and converse about economic sustainability in the arts.

$10 gets you a meal and a vote in the grant-giving process. $5 goes towards the grant; $5 helps offset the cost of the meal.


Everyone attending will have an equal voice in determining who receives the grant, which was awarded at the conclusion of the meal.