PS1’s Iowa City Summer Residency is an initiative offering local artists dedicated space & time to work.

The IC Summer Residency offers local artists in any field a structure to dedicate time to their projects. It was developed to give space and time to any artists but especially those who are working full time, are parents, or have circumstances that make traveling to an out-of-town residency challenging. It is designed to be flexible in its structure to accommodate all life/work circumstances while providing community, accountability and focus throughout the residency period, and a chance to publicly present work at the end.



Details below are from the 2019 summer residency. Stay tuned for updates on the 2020 session, coming in spring 2020.


Applications will be approved based on need and a demonstration to make use of the time and resources; we hope to accommodate as many people as are interested but reserve the right to limit participation in order to make this a positive experience for all.


Q: Can I participate if I already have my own studio and prefer to work there?
A: Yes! We encourage folks with their own studio spaces to make use of the structure of the residency to commit dedicated time to their practice and participate in any/all of the group events at PS1 or just stop down for a change of scenery.

Q: What will the shared studio environment at PS1 be like?
A: We are turning over our entire 1200+ sq. ft. gallery/performance space to the residency. Space for each artist will depend somewhat on the level of participation but will be at least a 7’x10’ area.
We will be creating shared space guidelines to facilitate a productive and safe space for all participants including limiting loud noise and fumes.
Residents will also be able to use the lobby, kitchen, and ICPC print studio when those spaces are not otherwise reserved.

Q: What is the time commitment?
A: There is no minimum time commitment to participate; however, we encourage residents to make use of the residency structure to set aside extra time for themselves to work (that’s the point!). For example, if you work 9-5, commit to working for 2-3 hours every evening of the residency, or, if you can, take a vacation day and dedicate it to your creative practice.
We also strongly encourage all residents to participate in the group meals and exhibition!

Q: Do I have to be an “artist” or a “professional artist” to participate?
A: Nope! We take an expansive view of art-making and invite anyone who is willing to seriously commit to working on a creative project(s) during this time.

Q: Can I put this on my CV?
A: Heck yeah!





July 7-21, 2019 (pick one or both weeks)


Summer residency participants are asked to contribute a sliding-scale registration fee.


work space: Each participant will have the option to have a reserved table workspace in our gallery/performance space throughout the residency, and may also make use of PS1’s lobby and kitchen. Space will be available during open building hours (8a-11p).

print studio access: Residency participants will have access to the IC Press Co-op print studio. Studio orientations will be provided, but technical instruction will not.

PS1 will provide a group brunch on the first day of each residency week and all residency participants are encouraged to attend both meals. Residents can also opt in to a small group critique session once each week.

We will host a public work-in-progress/open studio exhibition on the final evening of the residency.