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Join us for a one-night-only technologically-driven, idealized vision of an alternative reality with Pittsburgh, PA-based artists, Samir Gangwani, Adrienne Cassel, and Austin Marcus.

Postvivo “aim[s] to curate a technologically-driven, idealized vision of an alternative reality.” The performance explores the limitations of the physical body and uses virtual technology to create new forms of “humanity, identity, culture, thought and perception.” The performance involves “live multisensory conversations” that seeks to illustrate the disconnect between the living experience and conceptual ideas of what it means to be human. The artists work to create multi-sensory environments that foster alternative means of interconnectedness and new forms of communication. Further, it offers “a vision of humanity existing in pure post-sensory form” that exceeds the traditional boundaries of the body and mind; man and machine; and the traditional five senses.

Samir Gangwani ( b. 1995, Clemmons, NC) is a composer, performer, installation artist, and software designer. Gangwani’s work has been featured at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater, Queens Museum, Panoply Performance Laboratory, Pittsburgh Filmmakers & Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Future Tenant, Bunker Projects, and the Glitter Box Theater. They completed a Student-Defined Major in Experimental Composition and Performance at Carnegie Mellon University.


Adrienne Cassel aka L I L I T H (b. 1995, Miami, FL) works at the intersection of 3d digital art, emerging tech, sound, and performance art.

Adrienne makes work about radicalized autonomy and femininity in virtual and physical spaces through audiovisual narratives and performance of a preconceived future.


AI Markus (Austin I. Marcus, b. 1992, London, UK) is a non-binary musician, computational artist, and perception scientist based in Pittsburgh, PA.

They are a synesthete who experiences the sensory world through immersive multidimensional mental imagery, and who attempts to channel this imagery through sound, manipulated visuals, setting, and applied AI. They use induced sensory immersion as a tool for reflection and sublimation, and as a means of expressing queer identity in its raw psychological form. Through parallel approaches in art and science, they work toward a future where human is faithfully reflected in machine - where AI can be reclaimed by queerness, quirk, sensory subjectivity, and neurodiversity.

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