Dave Dugan is a Man of Many Disciplines

Creative people are rarely content to stay in one discipline. Variety is not only the spice of life, you know, it also keeps our metaphysical bodies from atrophy and entropy. The more and different applications we find for our creative pursuits, the better functioning we tend to be. #amiright

Well, Dave Dugan is no exception. You may know Dave as a cartoonist, humorist, painter, paper maker, intaglio & letterpress printer, book & zine maker, social media wiz, and/or an all-around great guy– but did you also know that he’s a handyman? As it takes all kinds to make a world, apparently it takes all skillsets to make a Dave Dugan.

In his spare time, Dave has been working on refitting his back porch storm windows, but instead of using glass, he’s using acrylic sheets for panes (handy!). The acrylic is slightly easier to work with, and it has the added bonus of providing Dave with plenty of scrap material for use in future projects! See!?

Photo on 8-22-18 at 11.06 AM - gravyboyd@yahoo.com.jpg

What kind of projects, you ask? The possibilities may be endless, but Dave is specifically looking forward to putting his excess acrylic to work in upcoming intaglio and/or Vandercook/Showcard Press comic projects, like these past pieces:

Photo on 12-9-17 at 5.58 PM #3 - gravyboyd@yahoo.com.jpg

And we at the ICPC Members-At-Large Blog would be remiss if we didn’t mention that Dave also keeps an inter-web-log, where you can find some of the most delightful comix you’ve ever seen, not to mention scads of other art projects. Check it out here to feed your soul, and also to see which event Dave will be tabling at next!


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