Featured Member: Kelly Moore


NAME:  Kelly Moore
PROFESSION/VOCATION?: Director of Exhibits at the Iowa Children's Museum

Q0.  TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF:  I like to make stuff!  all kinds of stuff!  I've never been able to settle into one groove, which I think has it's pros and cons.  All I know is that it feels compulsive, I'm always thinking about the next project. It doesn't turn off and I'm okay with that.

Q1.  YOU x YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO PS1:   I have been aware of PS1 for some time but really started to get involved when I met Sayuri. She is an active member and kept me in the loop. I have taken several classes and gone to fairs and performances.  I am always happy with my experience.  So many inspiring people and projects.

Q2.  THE FIRST IMPRESSION:  I really like the openness of the space.  it doesn't feel like a private club.  It feels like it's there for everyone.

Q3.  THE BEST (AND WORST!?):  One of my favorite performances was a shadow puppet play.  The lights were off and the artists had used colored cellophane, It looked like moving stained glass.

Q4.  WHY THE LOVE!?!? I love that the goal is always to be part of our community.  All are welcome to come in to the space but, there is also an effort to bring art and ideas to the public.  The overall feel seems to be one of unity and growth through creative expression.

Q5.. PS1 x FUTURE: my dream is that more people take advantage of this wonderful resource.


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