Featured Member: Desiree Dahl

NAME: Desiree Dahl
MEMBER SINCE: May 2015 or maybe a few months before?
PROFESSION?: Graphic Designer

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF:  I am a visual artist from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I'm a chronic doodler and a lover of creative exploration.

 YOU x YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO PS1:   I've been involved with PS1 for about a year and a half. After I graduated from UNI, I didn't have access to printmaking equipment. I heard about the Iowa City Press Co-op, a project of PS1, so I moved to Iowa City to become a member of the printmaking community here.

THE FIRST IMPRESSION:  I fell in love with PS1 immediately. I was so excited to find a place that brings together creative people from all experience levels and backgrounds and gives them the space to work it out. I also love the philosophy of keeping everything as low cost and accessible as possible. It's a really special and inclusive place.

THE BEST (AND WORST!?):  There have been so many incredible events that I don't think I could pick just one as the best. I do particularly like when music, performance, and visual art come together.

WHY THE LOVE!?!? I love that anyone can get involved at whatever level they choose and put their own spice into the PS1 soup. It's really an organization shaped by individuals, and it's very interesting to watch it evolve as new members come to the group.

At the Iowa City Press Co-op specifically, I love that I can learn new artistic techniques in a non-academic setting, and that everyone at the Press Co-op is very open about sharing their knowledge and resources.

Through PS1, I love being exposed to art and events that I wouldn't have access to any other way.

PS1 x FUTURE: I want PS1 to grow and evolve and keep spreading the creative magic. Also, having our own space and a couple more full time staff members would be awesome. John and Kalmia do an amazing job, like, I-don't-know-how-they-do-it amazing, but it would be really cool to have even more people who can devote their whole days to this stuff.

Primarily, I just want PS1 to keep existing. Forever and ever.