Featured Member: Martha Monick

NAME: Martha Monick
Member since:  2015 (I think)

Profession: Retired scientist and printmaker wannabe

I am a long time Iowa City person (since 1968) and have recently retired from the University.  My life there was full of science, colleagues and students.  I will be forever grateful to the University for the lessons learned and the opportunities for my family.  However, from my hippy days, I have always loved to make things, which is where ICPC entered my life.

With work no longer taking up all the free corners of my life, I am exploring the joy of creating things (it isn’t any more specific then that).  I first took a bookmaking workshop from Kalmia and since then have been ICPC's most enthusiastic workshop attendee.  I always learn something; I always have fun.  Sometimes I take home a skill to be used again and again, but sometimes not – it’s all good.

I think I would call it love at first sight.  The members are interesting and enthusiastic and by taking workshops, I get to hang around the gallery.  The exhibits are eclectic and if I wasn’t taking a workshop, I would probably never come down to the basement of Wesley house to see what was going on.

One of the early workshops I took was prontoplate lithography with Allison Rosh.  It was my first time to use a printing press…and I fell in love.  Worst???  I don’t know that there is a worst, sometimes what I was trying to do fell flat or the workshops were more talk and less doing, but what a great way to spend an afternoon or evening they have been.  

Q4.  WHY THE LOVE!?!? 
I love the people who are committed to community and art and willing to share their skills.  I love that there is space for people who can contribute a lot and space for people who can only be involved every now and then.  I think the community is richer for the diversity and wild and crazy that PS1 adds to our lives.  I am happiest when Iowa City is not too stodgy.

Q5.. PS1 x FUTURE:
I love what PS1 does, all of it from the workshops to the shows and exhibits to the fundraisers.  My great desire is that they could move into a space with natural light.  I’m a light freak and think some windows and light would make PS1 about perfect.


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