Violet Austerlitz Drives to Vermont!

Welcome to ICPC's Members At Large blog! Where we showcase the sometimes-fun, sometimes-mundane, yet always-interesting lives of our members. This week, we're happy to give you a peek into the life of one of our most devoted and delightful members– the one and only: Violet Austerlitz. Strike a pose, Violet!


Violet is a queer, trans artist, printmaker, and cartoonist. She enjoys creating new worlds and telling stories about monsters, identity, and the way we relate to things we don’t understand. Below is a good example of Violet's style and saucy personality! 


Guess what Violet's up to right now? This very minute. Hint: she's in Vermont. Aw, nevermind, you'll never guess, so here it is: Violet jumped in her car the other day and drove over A THOUSAND miles, all the way from Home-Sweet-Iowa-City to White River Junction, Vermont. Why? Here's why:


Specifically, Violet will be attending a week-long workshop at The Center for Cartoon Studies called Graphic Memoir, June 26th through the 30th, taught by Eisner and Ignatz award-nominated graphic novelist and cartoonist Melanie Gillman.

The purpose of the workshop is to kick cartoonists into gear to start telling their personal story through comics. Topics to be covered include narrative building, developing a unique personal voice and visual style, and effective pitching and publishing practices for graphic memoirs.

While we believe that Violet already has a leg-up on these fronts– having written and illustrated many a semi-autobiographical comic and zine– she's beyond excited for the opportunity to study, draw, and learn under Melanie in the thriving cartoonist community of CCS.

Check out Violet's work via her website, and her original internet comic The Satanic Mechanic


You can also follow Violet on Instagram and stay tuned here for the workshops she'll be leading here at IC Press Co-op! Oh and one last thing– you can BUY HER A COFFEE. C'mon, do it.


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